Five Crunch


Five Crunch is a simple and yet fun casual game suitable for all age. The Crazy Five Crunch is a math puzzle game which allows continuous and endless game play.

The game is a 5 x 5 grid tiles where by merging all tiles to form a single 5 and pair it subsequently with number divisible by 5. All the tiles are being move by swiping left, right, and down to merge it. Each slide direction will move all the tiles to a specific direction. The game ends once all the tiles reached to a gridlock state.

The beginning of the game is easy and as the game progress on, it turns harder as it involves some planning in adding and powering the numbers to prevent it into a gridlock state.

The fun and addictive game is now available. Try your best to get the highest number in a single tile

The Game also feature:
– Leaderboard
– Achivement
– Facebook Leaderboard
– Facebook Sharing
– Saved Game

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